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When the child’s file is completed, it is thoroughly revised by the specialists and assessment dates are scheduled. The evaluation procedure may be accomplished over several sessions so the therapists ensure that the child’s performance is not influenced by the new setting or people. Also, the psychologist meets the parents and may follow them up for parental consultation and guidance. The Social worker does a social and financial research by visiting the family. This helps in deciding the costs of each therapy session. The home visitor also conducts assessment at the child’s house.

A Multidisciplinary Evaluation Report (MER) is prepared and the team meets the parents to explain the results and the proposed therapy method.

The evaluation phase - which is considered the starting point in the therapy plan - requires great accuracy and effort from the team.

How can my child be part of the program?
1. The child must be referred by a pediatric neurologist, pediatric orthopedic or other.
2. The assessment team will gather necessary data and background info.
3. A team meeting will be set to discuss the results of the assessment and to develop an intervention plan 
4. A parent meeting will be scheduled with the psychologist.
5. Parents will schedule “home visiting” appointments with their assigned counselor for observational assessment.
6. The family discusses the results and the plan with the multidisciplinary team.  Before implementing the plan, parent approval is required. 
7. Progress, updates, revisions and evaluations are done continuously.